It would be easier to list out all the reasons why you shouldn’t have
a dental plan with DPAS….as quite simply, there aren’t any.

But in all seriousness, we think the following reasons are hard to ignore.
A well-populated plan can make your practice stronger and more crisis resistant.

• Preventive message

Generally, plan patients have healthier mouths than their pay-as-you-go counterparts because they attend the practice more regularly, so any issues
are spotted earlier and treatment provided quicker.

• Easy affordable budgeting

By offering a dental plan, you are supporting your patients to budget for their oral health care with the guarantee that they will see their own dentist.

• Access to around-the-clock care

If your patient joins a dental plan which is administered by DPAS, then they are given access to our Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme. So even when you are closed, they can still access the support and care they might need.

• Patient loyalty

Your dental plan needs to represent you and your practice. That’s why our plans are uniquely flexible and tailored to the specific needs of your practice and its patient base. All plans are practice-branded to ensure that your brand shines through.

• A regular income

A loyal plan base means a regular monthly income. Whilst it can never replace your income fully, it does stabilise your income and remove some of the financial pressure of running a business.

• Lower failure to attend

The ability to budget for oral health care reduces
the issue of affordability to attend. Which translates to less white space in the diary and the ability to run a more efficient and productive practice.


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