How to request assistance

Request for assistance forms can be obtained from the Scheme Portal

Request for assistance forms are also available from the dental practice with which you are registered or direct from the Assistance Team at DPAS:

DPAS Limited
Cambrian Works
Gobowen Road
Shropshire SY11 1HS 

Tel: 0300 303 5065


Whether you are calling the Assistance Team or the Dental Helpline, the dedicated and experienced call handlers will guide you through the process to establish if you need immediate access to a dentist to receive Emergency Temporary Treatment and/or whether you wish to submit a request for assistance and require pre-authorisation.

Please have to hand the following information:

  • Contact details, email and telephone number
  • Any medical/dental concerns
  • Nature of incident – what, when, how and where.

Where access to an emergency dentist is also required:

  • Your current location, if away from home (postcode preferably)
  • Whether transport is available and distance prepared to travel to a dentist
  • Any times unavailable to attend a practice.

Our team will determine whether your request can be pre-authorised. If your request is accepted, the final Benefit payable will be determined upon receipt of a signed and fully completed Request for Assistance Form.

Get in touch

Get in touch

To find out more about our services or to arrange an appointment with your local DPAS Business Development Consultant, get in touch via the link below:

Dental emergencies

Click on the link below for information on what to do in the event of a dental emergency.