Dental emergencies

What happens in an emergency?

At home:

(within 15 miles of your dental practice)

When you are at home you should call your practice to access your dentist’s own emergency arrangements. In the unlikely event that your dentist’s emergency arrangements are not available, and you need to seek treatment elsewhere, you may see a dentist of your choice or we could assist you in finding a dentist.

When you are at home, unless the emergency treatment is required as a result of a Dental Trauma, or is outside of normal working hours, you cannot make a request for assistance from the Scheme.

Emergency treatment may be covered by your Dental Plan if provided by your dentist or any rota dentist. Your practice will be able to advise you if your Dental Plan includes emergency treatment.

Away from home:

(more than 15 miles from your dental practice)

If you are away from home or overseas you may see any dentist or we could assist you in finding a dentist. The British Consulate, your hotel, holiday representative or hosts may also be able to provide contact details for a dentist in the area.

Dental Helpline numbers:

In the UK: 0800 525 631

Overseas: +44 1747 820841

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Get in touch

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Dental emergencies

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