The perfect plan for private practice

Most dentists considering whether to convert some or all of their practice to private provision will welcome any support that offers increased confidence and financial certainty.

DPAS’ range of practice branded dental plans offer just such stability and security, important factors during the conversion process when so many challenges need to be dealt with simultaneously. The predictability of monthly income and stabilisation of the peaks and troughs associated with fee-per-item payment, are a source of particular comfort for those moving some or all of their provision to the private sector.

Any move towards private provision must also be accompanied by tangible patient benefits that clearly differentiate your new proposition. By providing your patients with the means of accessing private services via a monthly, budgeted for dental plan, that is less than the cost of fee-per-item treatment, you are keeping the best interests of your patients at heart and encouraging patient loyalty.

When converting to private practice it is crucial to obtain all the support and advice you need, while at the same time ensuring that your service providers offer real value for money.

The DPAS charges for a dentist with 1,000 adult plan patients are around £10,000 per annum less than those of a major competitor, and these savings combined with DPAS’s 16 years’ experience in providing expertise and support in the arena of dental plan administration, makes for a tempting offering. Of course, the money you save on plan administration will also come in very handy when funding the many other things needed for converting to private practice.  

Exceptional service and great value - more reasons to be cheerful from DPAS! For more information call 08456 802820.

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