DPAS Solutions rewards practices

DPAS is turning heads in the profession by announcing the launch of a new initiative that offers practices the financial means of accessing a wide range of external support services when they transfer from a competitor provider to their own DPAS-supported dental plan.

DPAS Solutions ‘Voucher Rewards’ offers practices switching from competitor providers to their own DPAS-supported plans a £10 voucher for every patient successfully transferred over a 6-month period, building into a fund that can then be used to acquire the external expertise that practices so often need.

This means that a practice with 1,000 patients on plan stands to receive up to £10,000 to spend on additional services that will further fuel practice growth. Not only that, but the DPAS charges for a dentist with 1,000 adult plan patients are as much as £10,000* per annum less than those of our competitors, resulting in significant savings year on year.

And, to make the vouchers stretch a little further, participating practices can gain fantastic discounts on support services by using one of DPAS’ preferred providers, all of whom have proven track records and intimately understand the needs of dental professionals.

Your entitlement can be used on any resources that you feel will help your practice - such as compliance consultancy regarding HTM01-05 and CQC, marketing and PR, websites, business consultancy, finance and dental supplies. Just agree to transfer your plan patients to your own DPAS-supported plan and we’ll do all the rest.

Whatever support your practice needs, DPAS has the solution.

To find out how you can earn a £10 voucher for every patient you successfully transfer to a DPAS-supported plan over a 6-month period, call 08456 802 820.

* DPAS vs competitor standard adult patient charges 2012

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