A plan for patient recruitment

When introducing dental plans for the first time, or when considering transferring to another provider, one of the decisive factors is often the marketing and patient recruitment support available from your chosen company.

DPAS are therefore delighted to announce that in a survey conducted in 2012, in which practices were asked to compare the services provided by DPAS to their previous plan administrator, respondents almost unanimously reported that DPAS provided a far superior service in areas such as marketing, design, business consultancy and training.

Michael Chrisp, Principal Dentist at Identics, a start-up practice in Maidstone, has been delighted with the decision he made last year: “When we opened our new practice in August 2012, we really benefited from having a dental plan in place. Thanks to DPAS’ marketing and patient recruitment support we’ve now gained over 500 new plan patients and are growing by the day.”

And this isn’t the end of the good news. With such excellent levels of support available you might think that DPAS’ charges would be some of the highest in the market, but for practices with reasonable numbers of patients on plan, DPAS remain the lowest cost* option of the 3 major dental plan providers.

DPAS offers everything a practice needs to launch, maintain and promote a dental plan, so why look anywhere else? To promote YOUR business through a practice-branded dental plan administered by DPAS, call 08456 802820.

*DPAS vs competitor standard adult patient charges 2013

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