Speyside Dental Clinic, Aberlour

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Speyside Dental Clinic opened in March 2009, realising a long held ambition for the principal, Simon Bowe. The practice emphasises the importance of good dental health and preventative care. This is delivered in a state of the art facility, built to Simon’s own specification and design. Simon trained in London at University College Hospital. He has a Masters Degree in Conservative Dentistry from the Eastman Dental Institute. Since qualifying in 1990, he has worked in NHS, private and referral practices.

Simon and his wife, Amanda, always knew they wanted to live in Scotland; when they returned from their honeymoon in Mozambique in 1999 the opportunity of a job in Edinburgh arose, but ultimately fell through. The synergy between holidays and roles in Scotland was solidified a few years later when a trip to Hong Kong led to Simon’s sister-in-law making him aware of an opportunity to work in Elgin, Moray. By the time the flight arrived back in London the decision was made and the couple relocated in May 2004.

Building their new house in Aberlour gave Simon and Amanda the opportunity to realise a vision by starting from scratch. As Simon also knew what kind of practice he wanted, he decided to build that too…

Not one to shy away from a challenge, as well as opening the Speyside Dental Clinic in March, Simon became a father for the first time. However, with good planning and preparation he has avoided sleepless nights, at least where the practice is concerned!


  • Establishing dental plans in a new practice
  • Recruiting patients to a new practice

Establishing a new practice means building a new brand and reputation based on the needs of the patients. This made Simon determined to offer a ‘practice branded’ dental plan from the outset. And he knew that dental plans would always play a part in recruiting patients to the practice as they give them the best opportunity for good dental health, as well as being able to spread payments and get ‘peace of mind’ from supplementary insurance.


  • Introducing a ‘practice branded’ dental plan administered by DPAS
  • Recruit patients to both the practice and plans

Simon says “Having undertaken considerable research into the dental plan market, I was easily persuaded that DPAS was the right provider for the Speyside Dental Clinic. Having made this decision, DPAS has delivered all that it promised and I have been nothing but impressed.”

The opening of the new practice in March was eagerly awaited by the local community. Following a targeted marketing campaign, recruitment of new patients has been very successful. Practice Manager Lynne Hill had been taking registrations before the opening and there were 300 patients as a starting base. The two months following the opening saw that number double and the practice had built a solid reputation for offering “high quality dentistry and promoting good dental health.” The “wow factor” that Simon sought from the outset has been achieved; feedback suggests that patients are very impressed by the environment and level of care.

During the start up phase, Simon said that their DPAS Practice Consultant “kept everything simple, showed us what to do and held our hand through the whole process.” He adds “nothing was done over the telephone, it was all face-to-face and the training was fantastic.” This whole process was helped by the minimal set-up costs, something hugely important to a new practice.


  • Great service
  • Low costs which are essential for a new practice
  • Solidifying practice brand

According to Simon “There are three aspects of DPAS’ service and product that I would highlight in particular:

  • First, the process for setting up the plans was managed very professionally and efficiently, taking much of the strain from us at such a busy time.
  • Second, the control that we maintain over the content and pricing of the plans gives flexibility to us and choice for our patients.
  • Third, the ability to brand the plans as the ‘Speyside Dental Care Plans’ whilst retaining high quality literature and content.”

Simon concludes “I highly recommend DPAS to other practices setting up their own plans. I am pleased to say that in the brief time we have been open, we have already achieved a high level of uptake of the Speyside Dental Care Plans, confirming that this is the right product for our patients. The team has a five year plan to make the practice get recognised as one of the best in Scotland and we feel DPAS will be a part of that success.”

To find out more about how DPAS can help you with starting your own payment pans in your new private practice, please contact us.

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