Patient Recruitment Support

Tailored training and support for the whole practice team

Throughout the launch of your plans and beyond, it is vital that we support your team in order to maximise patient recruitment. Your DPAS support team, led by your regional Business Development Consultant, will provide you with tailored advice, support and training to ensure that you're fully equipped to attract new and existing patients to join your plans. Our training workshops also qualify for verifiable CPD.

Our patient recruitment support includes:

Plan launch training

Provided for the whole team and delivered within your practice, ensuring that everyone has a solid understanding of the plans and feels confident discussing the benefits with patients (qualifying for verifiable CPD).

In-practice patient recruitment support days

Your DPAS Business Development Consultant will spend the day working with your front desk team, actively promoting your plans to patients.

Regular plan promotion training and support

These sessions can be delivered on a regular basis, to ensure that all team members are able to actively recruit new plan joiners (qualifying for verifiable CPD).

Access to demographic reports

These reports provide detailed demographic information on the population of your local area, offering insights that can be used to help target new patients.

Open day support

Your local Business Development Consultant can attend open days at the practice, should you wish to hold such events in order to attract new patients to join your plans.

Mystery shopping

We can carry out mystery shopper calls to your practice, giving you an insight into how effective the practice team is in promoting the plans to patients.

Get in touch

Get in touch

To find out more about our services or to arrange an appointment with your local DPAS Business Development Consultant, get in touch via the link below:

Marketing support

Marketing support

We can provide extensive marketing and patient recruitment support to your practice. Follow the link below for more information: