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Scope of cover

The Supplementary Insurance provides cover for costs incurred for temporary dental treatment as a result of a dental emergency when away from home or abroad, and cover towards the cost of permanent dental treatment following a dental injury. It also provides for the payment of out-of-hours fees when dentists are required to open their dental surgery to treat a patient in an emergency. There is also a hospital cash benefit payable when a patient is under the care of a dental or oral/maxillo facial surgeon and a cash benefit payable following the diagnosis of mouth cancer.

This cover is provided at a fraction of the cost of similar cover arranged by patients on an individual basis. The DPAS Insurance Team strives to ensure that the policy remains at the forefront of the marketplace, so that your patients receive the highest levels of cover at unbeatable value.

Supplementary Dental Injury and Emergency Insurance Summary

Premium and duration

The Supplementary Insurance is a monthly contract, which continues for as long as the patient continues to pay monthly premiums. The monthly premium payable is incorporated within the monthly fee paid by the patient to be a member of the dental plan.


The Supplementary Insurance is administered by DPAS Ltd as agents for the underwriters Chubb European Group Limited (Chubb).

The Supplementary Insurance may be cancelled by the patient within 14 days of receiving the policy document should it be decided that the insurance does not meet his/her requirements. A full refund of any premium paid will be allowed, provided no claims have been made. As the Supplementary Insurance is an integral part of the dental plan, cancellation of the insurance will automatically cancel the patients’ membership of the dental plan.

Claims are handled by the Supplementary Insurance underwriters, Chubb European Group Limited. The claims process is made as simple and efficient as possible, and is designed to enable claims to be processed promptly. Claim Forms are available from either DPAS or the practice.

Levels of cover, Terms and Conditions

There are two levels of cover to choose from – level A and level B, where level B has treatment limits approximately 25% higher than those of level A. It is for the practice to decide the level of cover it wishes to make available to dental plan patients, reflecting up-to-date treatment charges to ensure that sufficient funds are available to the patient in the event of an accident or emergency. Once the choice is made by the practice, all plan patients receive the same level of cover. For full details of the treatment limits, exclusions, terms and conditions of the Supplementary Insurance levels A and B please click on the links below.

Level A

Level B

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