Quality, Environmental and Information Security (QEIS) Policy

DPAS is committed to providing the best dental plan administration services, honestly, at a fair price, with due regard for legal and regulatory requirements governing the market and with a real and continuing dedication to meeting the needs of our customers.

We are committed to fully protecting both client and in-house data, whilst minimizing our impact on the environment in the pursuit of delivering a quality service.

DPAS customers will:

Be made aware of the Company’s commitment to quality, information security and protecting the environment via the DPAS terms and conditions of business, the website, newsletters and through verbal contact with the Customer Service department and the ‘field’ based Sales Team.

DPAS suppliers will:

Be made aware of our QEIS policy and how this policy impacts on the service they provide to us. This will be communicated via service level agreements, confidentiality contracts and written communications to key contacts at each company. Where there is an ongoing relationship with a supplier reiteration of DPAS’s commitment to quality will be circulated on a regular basis.

DPAS will meet its commitment to quality, information security and protecting the environment by:

Developing and maintaining a Quality, Environmental and Information Security System that forms the framework for achieving continual improvement, complete customer satisfaction, reducing security risk, environmental impact and achieving full realization of all company objectives.

Maintaining an up-to-date register of, and complying with, all relevant legislation, requirements, best practice and guidelines.

Maintaining an optimum understanding of information security, environmental risk, impact and preventing pollution in all activities associated with the Company and communicating these to staff, and customers (as appropriate).

Only employing staff with appropriate qualifications and proven experience and fostering in them a desire to deliver a first class service.

Providing staff with an appropriate induction to the business quality processes and then ensuring they receive additional training when necessary.

Providing a secure and quality working environment by ensuring that all personnel are suitably informed or instructed how to carry out their work in a secure, efficient and environmentally friendly manner both to themselves, their surroundings and any other individuals who may be affected.

Researching and quality checking all suppliers.

Ensuring that policy and procedure manuals accurately reflect the business processes.

Exploring new technologies, techniques and service offerings to enhance the customer service provided.

Reviewing the DPAS QEIS Policy on a regular basis.

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