How to make a claim

Claim Forms can be obtained from our Supplementary Insurance page.

Claim Forms are also available from the dental practice with which you are registered or direct from the Insurance Team at DPAS:

DPAS Limited
Cambrian Works
Gobowen Road
Shropshire SY11 1HS 

Tel: 01747 873230 

Fax: 01747 871806

Enquiry Form

A completed Claim Form must be sent to the Insurance Team at DPAS within 30 days of the injury incident or emergency incident (or 60 days if the incident happened abroad). Costs will be reimbursed up to the limits shown in this Policy. DPAS will at its sole discretion settle the claim directly either with you or the treating dentist. Any charge, which exceeds the specified limit, must be paid directly by you to the treating dentist. To avoid any delay in your claim being processed please make sure that all parts of the Claim Form are completed with as much information as possible.

Dental emergency claims

The Claim Form should be sent together with the treating dentist’s signed receipt showing details of the temporary emergency treatment provided. If you have a receipt the dentist’s signature is not required.

Dental injury claims

Please note that you may not claim more than £225.00 in total unless DPAS has previously approved a costed treatment plan. Photographs and/or X-rays, taken before treatment commences, must be supplied for dental injury claims. It may also be necessary to provide dental records in support of a dental injury claim.

You must, at your expense, provide all necessary reports, receipts or other documentation in support of your claim when asked to do so by DPAS. DPAS is entitled to request that you undergo a dental or medical examination to assist with the investigation of a claim. If such a request is made, DPAS will pay for and reimburse you for any reasonable expense incurred in connection with the examination.

Get in touch

Get in touch

If you have any queries relating to your dental plan or Supplementary Insurance policy, you can get in touch via the link below:

Dental emergencies

Click on the link below for information on what to do in the event of a dental emergency.